Mister Mellow: Washed Out’s Visual Album Reminds Us That Life Is Comedy

​iHeartComix premiered Washed Out’s ‘Mister Mellow,’ last night at the Vista Theatre in Hollywood. Mister Mellow is a 13 track audiovisual album, released on Stones Throw Records. The 2013 ghost of Chillwave past is making a comeback in 2017 and I couldn’t be happier about it. Pitchfork recently announced that fellow artist, Toro Y Moi is dropping an album on July 7th, called ‘Boo Boo’. Ernest Greene aka Washed Out and Toro Y Moi are the godfathers of the chillwave genre.

Watch the full album ‘Mister Mellow’ below.

Parts of the album reminded me of Check it Out!, With Dr. Steve Brule. The comedic aspect of it with Charlie, a SNL comedian, grounds the audience with abrupt comments while the sounds continually sweep us away. The visuals kept the audience on their toes with outrageous colors and effects, while the music contrasted that and guided the audience to feel mellow and upbeat.

Photo by iHeartComix.

Recent reviews suggested the album is a joke, but perhaps the message that Mr. Greene is sending is that life isn’t so serious in the first place. To me the album screams, don’t take yourself so seriously, with imitating work-life balance, starting around 7:33.

The satire and comedic aspects serve as a reminder that life is comedy. The nostalgic sounds bring listeners back to time they’ve never been. Washed Out provides listeners with relief with soothing and engaging sounds.

Check out how Washed Out’s team made the visuals behind the scenes below:

The audience responded well to the album and were clapping and giggling after each track.

You can find Washed Out’s Tour Dates and Tickets here.