LA’s Underground Party Squads Team Up For Charity

LA-based record labels love giving back to the community. Next week, LA’s biggest underground party squads are linking up and doing an insane b2b2b2b2b show, where all the profits will be donated back to charity. The lineup has yet to be announced but we can only imagine who will show up. 😉

“This is our holiday party. We wanted to celebrate our year and the community we belong to. I feel strongly that Los Angeles is the best city in the world right now for music and creative energy and has been for a few years. Over the decade-plus that I’ve been living here, I’ve seen this town change so much for the better. It’s not just the talent that is amazing but the sense of community that makes it special and has drawn so many people here over the last few years.

“However, the unplanned consequence of that growth has been the rise of the homeless population in L.A. It’s our responsibility as a community to address this problem and fix it. As we grow, we must bring everyone up with us. Hopefully this event shows our city and the world that we can stand as one to create positive change.” – Franki Chan of iHeartComix via LA Weekly

Wednesday, December 21st @ Union:

iHeartComix b2b Brownies and Lemonade b2b Space Yacht b2b Ham on Everything b2b Emo Nite b2b Free Grilled Cheese b2b Late Night Laggers b2b Restless Nites


Get your tickets here.

If you can’t make it, be sure to check back for footage.