Why You Need to Listen To Beats 1

Beats 1 is low-key amazing. 🔥 All the music played on-air is handpicked, fresh, and diverse. Genres range from Indie to Grime to Hiphop to Dream Pop.

Beats 1 is curated in LA, NYC and London. Beats 1 broadcasts worldwide, 24/7, in over 100 countries.

Listening to Beats 1 is like walking around to different stages at a music festival. Each show has it’s own vibe. Apple Music is offering a valuable platform to our favorite artists.

To access Beats 1 Radio, go to the music app on your iPhone and hit Radio. To listen to Beats 1 on a computer, go to the iTunes Store, select radio, then Beats 1.

Apple Music members can listen to these past shows on-demand. See my pick of shows below:

Skrillex’s OWSLA Radio

Anna Lunoe’s Hyper House

I went to this month’s live recording of HyperHouse in East LA. See my video here.

A-trak’s Day Off Radio

St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery

Diplo’s Lazer Sound

Boiler Room

This month’s schedule includes a new show by Travis Scott called .Wav, A Tribe Called Quest Radio and more. Check out the Beats 1 November lineup here.