Nap Girls Taught Me How To Surf At The Malibu Invitational

This past weekend I got to hang out with the Nap Girls at the 9th Annual Malibu Invitational. 🏄🏻


Nap Girls Int’l 💤 is a a collaborative organization whose mission is to connect and empower women and GNC individuals by nurturing creative and professional growth. Nap Girls was founded by Liz Garard. Liz told me she started the organization in 2014 and now has over 200 members worldwide. She said that while the Nap Girls history is rooted in dance music, they have added members who are successful leaders in other industries such as film, fashion, tech, and more. Liz said that diversifying membership has helped expand the skills and resources available to the Nap Girls.

I first heard about the Nap Girls 💤 in San Francisco when I was taking a pic with Mija at her show. Mija and the dude in front of me took a pic doing the Napping Pose, I didn’t find out what that meant until months later when I discovered the Nap Girls. 💁🏽

Nap Girls hosts a lot of events you should check out. This month, the Nap Girls did an all girl DJ takeover at Avalon Hollywood alongside Destructo. This past Christmas the Nap Girls teamed up with Borgore’s label Buygore and did a Hella Lit Xmas. “With the help of Nap Girls as well as all of our fans and supporters, throughout the night we raised 655 toys, which will be donated to the CHLA, alongside $1209 that will be donated to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” Read more about Hella Lit Xmas on Buygore here.

On to the surf lessons 😛

It was around 85 degrees, Sublime and The XX were playing in the background, there was free pizza, and a laid back broadcaster narrating the competition. Life can’t get much better than this, I thought.

9th Annual Malibu Invitational Benefiting Lyon Herron from On The Rise Media x MGMT on Vimeo.

Pro Surfers  Mitch Crews, Matt Pagan, and Ruben Escalante were our instructors for the day.  They competed in the Malibu Invitational before they taught us. With their help were all able to actually surf, which was rad! And a special thanks to Sam Neider who organized this event.



Nappin’ at da beach 💤


I had a blast and can’t wait to see what events the Nap Girls have coming up 😉

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