Linafornia x Low End Theory

Last night I went to Low End Theory for the first time since moving to LA. Low End Theory is a weekly event every Wednesday night in the City of Angels, with residents Daddy Kev, Nobody, Gaslamp Killer and D-Styles in Lincoln Heights; with quarterly shows in SF and Japan. They also have a monthly podcast you should check out, featuring artists like Tokimonsta, Daedelus, and more.

Last night I got to see the infamous Gaslamp Killer and Linafornia and it was straight fire.  It was my first time seeing both. The combination of IDM and dope visuals (by Teaching Machine) were explosive.

Linafornia is a female DJ and Producer from LA. When I heard she was playing, I couldn’t miss it.

 In an interview with the L.A. Record she said, “I’m so inspired by Erykah Badu’s artistry and the way she carries herself, especially as a woman in the music realm. Because it’s so easy for women to just fall into using their bodies and using their sexuality to get what they want. It’s so easy to sell your sexuality, but she kept it about her art for so long. That’s really admirable. She was able to execute her ideas on her terms, and people loved her for it. She stayed true to herself. That’s the most important thing to me as an artist. And just the fact that she was able to actually listen to my music, and she seemed happy with it … There’s a whole lot of static around the whole idea of sampling now, ever since the whole Robin Thicke situation. I think that if the artist likes what you’re doing, there’s no problem, because you’re paying the artist respect. You’re doing the artist justice [with] what you’re creating by re-imagining their original composition into something new and fresh.”

 See my videos and pictures below.

Linafornia x Gaslamp Killer

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