Owsla Presents: Still In The Cage Premiere

Last night Skrillex, Wiwek, Jodeb and Owsla premiered their short film “Still In The Cage” at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in DTLA. I was lucky enough to attend and take some dope videos and pictures for you.

You can watch the film below.

After the screening, Skrillex, Wiwek, Jodeb and Blaise James, held a Q&A with the audience.

Skrillex: Let’s do some Q&As.

Random guy yelling: what’s the meaning of itttttttt!

Wiwek: The perfect way to describe it is they were searching for freedom externally. You have to search from the inside, not from the outside. You can go wherever you want, but you have to start from the inside.

Skrillex: No matter where you are, no matter what’s going on in your life, you can’t escape yourself until you face yourself.


Me in my head: True that.

Random girl yelling: I love you Sooooonnny!

(Sorry for the weird zooming, let’s blame it on the 4loko I might or might not have consumed before entering the venue)

Skrillex: We’re not a record label. We’re a group of people that like to make stuff and break the mold.

Random guy: KILLIN IT

Other quotes throughout the Q&A:

Random guy yelling: where’s da afterpaaaarty?

Skrillex: it’s going to be right outside.

People are yelling I love you Sonny!

Skrillex: I’ve been the biggest Wiwek fan since forever. He’s created a world through his music, called jungle terror. We wanted to create a zeitgeist for what jungle terror means and create meaning to what jungle terror is. The (film) is a classification of what jungle terror is. We contacted Jodeb because he’s good at making ideas visceral. Jodeb developed the characters we wanted to journey with.

Read an interview with Wiwek about his creation of Jungle Terror here.

Question: When you started as an artist did you ever think you would be here today making this film and this type of project touching everyone here?

Skrillex: No I didn’t. It is a dream come true. I always wanted to make anything I could get my hands on, I wanted to surround myself with the most creative people ever.

Wiwek: Well no, I just got out of my bedroom studio (Wiwek is from Ijsselstein, Netherlands by the way) making this whole EP in 2 by 2 room. And now I’m here. It’s like, I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now.

Check out a video of the after party below. Sorry, couldn’t take more, was too busy turning up.