Meet Featured Artist: Expllode

Meet Expllode. He’s an illustrator from Bulgaria. His specialty is Grime art. If you look at his page, you can see plenty of grimeified rappers and DJs. I discovered him on the gram and was fortunate enough to interview this dope artist. See his interview below.

Q: What’s your name? Where are you from?

A: I’m Miroslav, Miro for short. I’m from Bulgaria.



Q: Tell me about your artistic background.

A: I started my IG art account around September. It was a style that seemed complicated at first, but as time passed, I became better at it. Before that I liked drawing weird stuff…


“Leonardo DiCaprio”

Q: What are your favorite pieces you’ve done and why?

A: One of my favorites is my “masterpiece” that I created of a close friend of mine. Another one is of Jimi Hendrix. I drew both his skin and clothes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.49.15 AM



“Jimi Hendrix”

Q: Describe your art in 3 words.

Curious. Fresh. Detailed.


“Biggie x Tupac”

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration is Deladeso, he is the one who created this art style (Grime) and I fully admire his creativity and originality. I also like other creators trying out new stuff.

(The grime art in Getter’s Video “Head Splitter” was created by Deladeso.)

And also from my grandpa. He used to say:

                       “Go forward and upward”

and that’s why I keep doing these grimes.

Q: What would your dream project look like?

A: Honestly, I have no idea.



Q: What’s going through your head during your creative process?

A: That I gotta take care of everything, the color that would suit the picture the most the shadow color as well, the lighting etc..


“Travis Scott”

Q: What artists would you love to collab with?

A: Deladeso, Jj Villard, Liam Underwood, and Rob Israel.

Q: Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

A: I plan on griming some of the things I like, celebrities, artists and probably more collabs with cool people.



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