Coachella 2016

One word comes to mind when I think of Coachella: FIRE. I was able to catch most of the artists I mentioned in previous post, Who To See At Coachella. Check out the details below.

Nina Las Vegas

Nina is wavy. It’s so refreshing to see a female DJ playing at a big festival. Can’t wait to see you on the main stage one day. YOU GO GIRL!! P.S. She’s coming to SF this  Saturday 4/30 w/Sleepy Tom.

Party Favor

Aside from Valentino Khan’s set, Party Favor was the most packed. He even had people dancing on stage. As you can see everyone was raging.  TYBG 🙏.


Ekali was my favorite set. He had the whole Do Lab wobbling and turning up. I should have panned over in the video to show the crowd but I was too impatient and just wanted to rage. I loved the energy and vibes. This is my second time seeing him.


I must confess, I’m obsessed.  He had nuns on stage and church windows as his graphics, it was epic. But the Sahara tent was P-A-C-K-E-D, I couldn’t deal and moved to the outside of the VIP gate so I could shuffle in peace. At the end of his set Tchami said “Thank you Coachella and God Bless all of you.” He is going b2b w/ DJ Snake this Saturday 4/30 at Love + Propaganda. I can’t wait.


As I was shuffling I looked up and saw Marshmello.

Purity Ring

Being so close to Purity Ring was amazing. I haven’t listened to them much before and I was blown away. Everything about their performance was dreamy and I can see why they’re categorized as witch-pop on Wikipedia. They casted their spell on the crowd at the Mojave stage.

Valentino Khan

His set kickstarted the energy for the Heineken house with a mix of trap and hardstyle. He even dropped tracks by by Justice and Kill the Noise, which got me HYPED! #FCKURMGMT

Bro Safari

I became a fan of Bro Safari when I walked past his set at EZOO last year. I went in and was bombarded with his neon-animal graphics and heavy drops. I was so happy to be this close during his set at Coachella.

FKi 1st

One word to describe his set: ratchet. I loved it, he seems like a cool dude who knows how to throw down. Keep an eye  out for FKi 1st.

Another set I enjoyed was Grimes. I’m not too familiar with her music other than Genesis and the music video with Brooke Candy, but I loved her performance. It was entertaining and shocking. I loved her beats, dancers, occasionally screaming, and overall vibes. They all looked like they were having a blast during her performance. #GIRLPOWER #NAPGIRLS

Look at this pic she posted on IG lol:


actuallygrimes: Hey coachella if that show was insane it’s cuz I slammed my head into my pedal board at the first half of the set and don’t remember the second half haha” sorry girl hope u get well soon.

See you in 358 Days Coachella ❤